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Omega Protein, Inc.

For more than 100 years, Omega Protein has delivered quality ingredients that improve the nutritional integrity of food, supplements and animal feed to allow consumers and their families to live healthier lives with better nutrition.

Omega Protein provides the food and supplement industry with some of the most trusted, scientifically-recognized, and innovative ingredients in the marketplace. Proteins, specialty oils and essential fatty acids can be added to functional foods to improve the nutritional integrity of products such as bakery or dairy foods. These ingredients are also added to supplements to provide consumers with the additional nutrients needed to support overall wellness.

Omega Protein is the leading, vertically integrated producer in the United States of omega-3 rich fish oil, protein-rich specialty fishmeal and organic fish solubles for livestock and aquaculture feed manufacturers. These vital feed nutrients are passed on to the human consumer in the form of sustainable, farm-raised seafood and pork.

A recent study revealed ‘nutritional value’ as pet owners’ top pet food concern. Omega Protein provides companion animal manufacturers the right ingredients to improve protein quality and provide additional nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids to help improve health and performance.

At Omega Protein, we strive to be a respected leader in every market we serve by providing customers with premium, sustainable products.


Birthplace of Omega Protein, a menhaden fishing company has operated continuously here since 1878. Omega Protein’s Health and Science Center food grade facility includes state of the art processing equipment and controls that allow Omega Protein to refine, bleach, fractionate and deodorize its menhaden fish oil. In the past 5 years, Omega Protein has allocated $20M+ to pro-environmental initiates at this facility.

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