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Callao Supply Company, LLC

Callao Supply Company was started in 1938 by Edwin and Helen Deitz. That same year Helen gave birth to twin boys, Phillip and David, already having two older sons, Alex and Porter. They ran the family hardware and lumber business…

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Lilian Lumber Company Inc.

For all your lawn, home furnishing, lumber, plywood, and building material needs, shop Lilian Lumber. The Lilian Lumber Company Plant operations center is a full-service building supply organization specializing in everything for builders and delivery. Lumber Masonry Roofing Hardware Windows…

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Jett’s Hardware

True Value's Idea House is your one-stop spot for do-it-yourself (DIY) home projects, whether it's in fall, winter, spring or summer. Search for, save, and take on your own DIY outdoor, home decor and repair projects this weekend with help…

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Allison’s Ace Hardware

Allison’s ACE Hardware was established by Nancy and Ira Allison in 1971 and became an ACE franchise in 1979. The store expanded operations to a site in Tappahannock in 1985, but that was disposed of when Ira died in 1992.…

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