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All the resources you need to turn your idea into a viable business and get your operation off the ground



What Are The Basic Steps For Starting A Business [SBA] Great tips on everything from financing to choosing a location

What Are The Most Important Pre-Launch Business Decisions  [SBA] Checking these boxes will ensure you’ve thought through key moves

How to Find a Co-Founder [Guy Kawasaki] Tips on building your exec team from the famous Silicon Valley VC

What You Need to Know About Your Market [SBA] Walkthrough on learning about your customers, your competitors, and your industry

How to Put Together a Market Opportunity Analysis [Udacity] Great tips for completing a comprehensive market appraisal and developing a robust business plan

How to Perform Market Segmentation [GreenBook] Explains how predictive segmentation parses the market into easily-identifiable and discrete market segments

How to Write Your Business Plan [SBA] Walkthrough on writing a business plan and plotting out your market trajectory more generally

How to Develop a Business Model Canvas [Alex Cowan] Walkthrough for creating a visual-oriented business plan that includes your value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances

How to Structure Your Business [SBA] Describes sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, cooperatives, corporations, partnerships, and S corporations

What Business Licenses and Permits Do You Need? [SBA] Identifies all relevant federal and state licenses and permits



What Are The Resources You Need to Launch? [Medium] Really useful list of free apps, eBooks, online courses, and other resources

How to Create a Website [FitSmallBusiness] Walkthrough for setting up a basic business website, including registering a domain and getting a logo

How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform [PracticalEcommerce] Eight basic questions to ask before you make your choice

How to File and Pay Your Taxes [SBA] Find out if your business needs to obtain a tax ID and learn the procedures for filing taxes

How to Choose and Register Your Business Name [SBA] Valuable walkthrough for choosing your business name and registering it with state agencies

How to Choose a “Doing Business As” Name [LegalZoom] Easy way to register your DBA name

How to Create a Logo [Entrepreneur] List of options and tips for creating a logo

What Apps and Software Do You Need? [Business News Daily] Good list of cloud storage options, email marketing tools, and other killer apps



How to Get a Loan [SBA] Walkthrough on getting funding from federal loan programs, state and local economic agencies, and traditional lenders

How To Get Venture Capital Funding [SBA] Information about financing options available to startups and high-growth technology companies

How to Find Investors for Your Startup [Entrepreneur] Tips for proving to investors that you’re done your homework and are poised for success

How to Find Alternative Finance Methods  [Business News Daily] List of great financing options beyond bank loans

How to Develop Cash Flow Analysis [SBA] Walkthrough guide to help you track and manage your cash flow

How to Prepare Financial Statements [SBA] Valuable information on the primary financial statements: balances sheets and incomes statements

How to Create Financial Forms and Worksheets [SmallBizPlanning] Downloadable forms to help you track cash flow, startup costs, overhead expenses, and other finances

How to Find an Accountant [SBA] Explains why an accountant is so important to your business, and where you can find a good one

How To Choose Accounting Software [Business News Daily] Includes options for mobile devices and for very small businesses

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