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Welcome To The Mother County of the Northern Neck


A message from The Chambers president-Doug Lemke.

Northumberland Country is a beautiful place to live, work and play. With over 400 miles of shoreline, Northumberland County offers residents and visitors numerous opportunities for water related activities. Sandy beaches along the Potomac River and The Chesapeake Bay provides ideal locations for swimming and sunbathing. The
innumerable creeks, bays, rivers, and inlets offer unlimited waterways for boating, crabbing, and salt-fishing. At many locations throughout the county,
skilled fishing guides and boats are available for hire.

Fortunately, in addition to a multitude of outdoor recreational areas and natural amenities, the Northumberland County area has a thriving business community represented by the more than 800 members of the Northumberland County Area Chamber of Commerce.

These businesses provide an array of products and services to meet the needs of local consumers. You can find member businesses in this edition of “The 2017 Guide to the Northumberland County.”

The magazine makes it easy for you to identify trusted businesses. In the Buyers’ Guide section, you will find categorical listings which include the name, address, website and phone number for each chamber member’s business.

The mission statement of The Northumberland County Area Chamber of Commerce is to strengthen and improve the greater Northumberland County area business community in order to promote the economic well-being of our citizens.

The members listed throughout the following pages are at the forefront in making that happen.

Our members not only operate top-quality businesses that serve the needs of local customers, but these business owners are often active leaders in the community who volunteer countless hours and provide financial assistance to area non-profit organizations.

As a result of their generosity, our business leaders make Northumberland County one of the most attractive places to live in the state.

When you purchase goods and services from member businesses, you can be confident that your dollars are making a positive economic impact on our community as well as providing support and strengthening our local workforce.

As you read through the pages of this website, you will discover that Northumberland County and the surrounding area businesses can meet all of your wants and needs. As the Northumberland County Area Chamber of Commerce motto so aptly states, “It’s all right here!”

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